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Late Gifts

Hey guys,

I waited an extra day before posting since I was hoping there might be some last minute gifts posted. But only one gift has been posted so far and I'm hoping that with the holidays and craziness this year, the others just got delayed and aren't going to be long.

I haven't gotten any e-mails saying that someone couldn't post or needed more time so I'm assuming that everyone has their gifts done. If you did e-mail me and it hasn't come through for some reason, please PM me so that I can read it that way.

If you can't post at all, PLEASE e-mail or PM me so that I can see about trying to find backup Santas.



Final Gift for bubbles91083

To: bubbles91083 
From: snoozin81 
Gift Type: Fic and Icons
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She's trying not to make any more mistakes.
Warnings: Spoilers through the Christmas episode.
Notes: Happy Holidays!  I hope you enjoy your gifts.

Falling In Love As He's Walking Away - Rachel/Puck - PG13Collapse )

Icon Preview:

Icons behind the cut...Collapse )

Guidelines for posting final gifts!

blue_icy_roseIt's officially December 24th, folks! You know what that means? You can start posting your final gifts as of today. (Though, holy crap, I see one of you already beat me to it!)

This means no teaser gifts if you were planning on any.

For your posts of final gifts, please make a separate post and, to make it easier to locate, have your subject be "Final gift for ___________". This will make it so much easier to tag. Please try to put all of your final gift(s) into one post if possible so that we can keep from spamming people too much.

Please use LJ cuts for fics and graphics, guys. This way we won't take up space on anyone's flist.

If you can't post your final gift before the final deadline in January because you won't have access to a computer or the internet for a good long while, then please send it to me at gleefulsanta@hotmail.com so I can post it and the person can get their gift and no one will be left out. If you're going to be a bit late (and this means after the deadline of January 8th), then please let me know so that I can notify the person that their gift is on the way but is just a little late.

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated!


Teaser Gifts

Just some quick info if you decide to do teaser gifts.

If you're going to be doing a fic, I'd prefer it if you sent it as a text file in an attachment. If it needs any coding for LJ, you'd be doing me a huge favor if you sent me the fic with that already included. :)

If it's going to be a graphic, you can send it as an attachment or send me the link. Either way, don't worry, no one will know who it's from since I'll save it to somewhere else.

If it's a video or a fanmix, then upload it somewhere like YouSendIt (or something similar) and then send the link.

Just send it all to gleefulsanta@hotmail.com.

~ Nicole

Assignments have been sent!

Hey everyone!

Assignments have officially been sent!

If you have any questions for the person you'll be creating something for, please let me know.

If you don't receive your email, let me know and I'll message it to you over LJ. I know last year, they ended up in people's spam folders somehow.

Have fun and good luck!



Back-Up Santas

Okay, before I send out the assignments, we've got one person who doesn't have a Santa yet since we've got an uneven number of people.

If you're willing to take on two assignments or be a back-up Santa, please leave a comment here.

If not, don't worry, everyone will still get something!




Hey everyone!

Assignments are going out tomorrow (er, today) - I took a bit to make sure that I had everyone and that I was matching them up with a person where they could do at least one thing on their wishlist. :) That way there's no incidents where I send someone a list for slash and they've said that they can't do slash or something like that.

~ Nicole

2010: The Wishlist

E-mail address: letsfadetoblack@hotmail.com
Things I'd like: I'm down for fic, icons, wallpaper, or videos, basically (I'm also open to fanmixes, for sure). ♥ My favorite ship is Rachel/Quinn and I also enjoy Brittany/Santana. And I'd be happy with Tina/Mike, but only for graphics, not fic. In terms of graphics, anything involving Lea and/or Dianna would make me exceedingly happy - as well as Naya and Heather - and ensemble graphics can be fun as well. Gen fic is cool with me, too.
In terms of fic, I'm quite happy with most things - I love nearly any genre (barring hardcore kink and PWP), although I do admit I'm especially fond of happy endings. Fluff, angst (with maybe some hope?), whatever. I love AUs and I love primarily canon fics, so it's really whatever you're willing to give. Characters staying in character is one of my favorite things about good fanfic - or maintaining some IC traits even if it is AU. And then in terms of graphics, honestly, I'm happy with anything. Especially if anything includes pretty girls being pretty/adorable. What can I say, I'm easy.
What I can do: Honestly, fic. That's pretty much what I'm confined to - can't make graphics or do anything creatively taxing to save my life. And forget video editing - that is far, far beyond my intellectual capacity. My favorite fic would involve Rachel/Quinn or Brittany/Santana, but I'm always up for other ships, too - I could write Puck/Rachel, probably Rachel/Jesse, Puck-centric Puck/Quinn, Karofsky-centric (angsty) Karofsky/Kurt, other things. Oh, and I'd be happy to write gen, as well - I'd probably be best with Quinn-, Santana-, Rachel-, or Puck-centric things. Probably Karofsky-centric, too. And friendship fics I'm happy to handle, as well. :)
What I absolutely CAN'T do: Graphics, at all. Anything besides fic, really. I can't write non-con or smut; I can't write Will-, Artie-, Kurt-, or Mercedes-centric anything, mostly because my grasp on those characters is shaky at best. I can't write primarily Finn/Rachel, Quinn-centric Puck/Quinn, or Puck/Santana.

Wishlist 2010

E-mail Address: spunkydmm_21@hotmail.com
Things I'd Like: Fanmixes (the more obscure the music the better) for:
Fanfics if that's your preference, same pairings as fanmixes though I would like pretty much any pairing (I'm not limited to Rachel being in the pairing). Slash is acceptable, as are threesomes and the like. For friendship fics the pairings would be:
Kurt/Rachel (friendship only as I said)
If you're good with graphics I could totally use icons or banners :D
Things I CAN Do: Fanmixes are easiest for me. I can't do the cover though due to lack of knowledge.
Things I CAN'T Do: Fics, any form of graphic due to lack of software.  I can try on the fanfiction as long as you don't want something longer than a drabble. Sorry :(